5 Positive Things to Add to Your Life That Support Balance

When you find yourself in burnout and never really disconnecting from the stress of your life, it’s a signal that something is out of balance. To get to a place of balance or a positive life rhythm, you can either remove negative triggers in your life or focus on adding positive things. Adding positive things is our focus today, because “all work and no play” can lead to personal damage.

How to Find a Healthy Balance / Life Rhythm

1.     Reconnect with Your Hobbies

Can you remember when the things you loved doing came first? If you have hobbies, how often are you engaging in those hobbies on your time off? Are these hobbies being set aside because you got a work email, text or a phone call? When we set aside the things that light us up and give us energy, our life rhythm and balance starts to tip and we slide closer to burnout.   When you are off from work be present with your personal life! Even if things go off the rails at work, be confident in the people you have covering to take care of it.

2.     Look Back to the Excitement from Childhood

What were the things that you were excited about as a child or youth? What was the activity you really enjoyed? The activity that you wanted to go out and do with authentic enthusiasm?  Something that you felt was yours and fit so well with who you were. This is the place to start to rekindle the passion and build on your authentic self.  It is OK if the activity has shifted and changed because you have grown and changed too over the years.

An example is an individual who reminisced, ” I used to play guitar in elementary school and high school. Then when I went to university there just didn’t seem to be time. I set the guitar aside to work on my grades. Then I started working and I just never got back to it.  I really miss playing and jamming with other musicians.” The things that you loved when you were younger and had leisure time, those are the things that usually support us and help us recharge. Even if you are not able to connect to a passion from your childhood for whatever reason, ask yourself;

What are other things you’ve always wanted to do and never had the courage to try?

Do I want to try them now?

This may help to create balance in your life.

3.     Set Boundaries with your Personal Time

How often is it that you don’t go to the gym or walk in the woods because someone from work has said, “Well, I may need you between this time and this time,” so you just don’t go?

When you are off, you are off. When you are on, you are on. It is being present for your personal life as well as for your work life. Balance or a healthy rhythm in life is a challenge especially with all the technology that connects us to the world.

Make time for You so you can recharge your batteries for yourself, the people you love and those you serve with your career!

4.     Real Recharge VS Time Suckers

There are so many things that suck time out of your day; TV, games on our phones or computers, scrolling through social media. Do you feel recharged and rejuvenated after engaging in these activities?

Pay attention to how you feel and you will know if these activities help to recharge or if they are time suckers. Many individuals will combine a hobby with these activities or make them into social events. For example, knitting or colouring while watching a TV series or networking with other people who game and play together.

5.     Get Support

Finding balance or life rhythm can be difficult! You may need support to find balance. Connecting with a Life Coach that you trust can support you to find the balance that you are seeking. Creating real strategies that honour your life and allow you to be fully present in all elements of your life. It is a present for you and in turn a blessing to everyone you are linked to in life!


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