Light on the Road



“During my career working in crisis response, I came to what should have been the obvious realization. Prevention is the key. This inspired me to shift my career from crisis to inspiration, motivation and emotional wellness.” Libby Pease

Her wealth of experience is the basis of how she supports emotional wellness for her clients. She is an alumnus of Erickson International and the University of Guelph. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.  Libby has her PCC, Professional Certified Coach designation through the International Coaching Federation. She has a certificate in Volunteer Management from Conestoga College. Libby has also completed certification in Trauma-Informed Coaching with Moving The Human Spirit.

Libby is a practitioner with Psychology Today. C-Suite with Rogers TV in Kitchener did a spotlight with her for the work she does with career coaching.

Libby has had a lifelong connection with nature.  She grew up on a farm just north of Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Her upbringing encouraged ecological responsibility nurtured throughout her childhood: she is inspired, rejuvenated and passionate about the environment. Future expansion of her practice will incorporate many modalities of wellness together to support individuals. The expansion would be an all-season retreat that will bring people and nature together to shift mind, body and spirit into the life they want!

She has life experience as a former Jehovah’s Witness. Libby has experienced domestic violence. This has inspired her to support others who have or would like to emerge from high-control environments.

Libby provides individual coaching sessions for individuals who want to gain a deeper connection to their Lives. She does this by diving into core values and life purpose. Thereby making space for forgiveness and gratitude in their lives.

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