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    Time – Shifting and What We Can Do About It

    I have been speaking with quite a few people over the past few weeks. They mentioned that our sense of time seems really weird right now.  How often during this pandemic have you found yourself losing track of what day or month it is?  Even the time of day seems to drag or slip.  More than once I have put down the wrong month in my dateline. Even now I am floored by the fact that it is already June.  Where did April and May go?  The pandemic has shifted our normal routine. It could be that you lost your job or have had to shift to working from home…

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    This morning my father sent an email to my uncle, and in that correspondence, he sent a photograph of a jar of extremely clear maple syrup. The comment he put in there was: “this may be the only clarity we have for a while”.   Is this so? What is clarity? We have lived in a world where we have been spoon-fed the idea of who to be and how to be. So often our own intuition or inner voice has been drowned by media surrounding us, and the society in which we live. The entire world is now experiencing something unimaginable even a few months ago; now it has forced…