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    This morning my father sent an email to my uncle, and in that correspondence, he sent a photograph of a jar of extremely clear maple syrup. The comment he put in there was: “this may be the only clarity we have for a while”.   Is this so? What is clarity? We have lived in a world where we have been spoon-fed the idea of who to be and how to be. So often our own intuition or inner voice has been drowned by media surrounding us, and the society in which we live. The entire world is now experiencing something unimaginable even a few months ago; now it has forced…

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    Network of Pillars

    Help the Healer – Network of Pillars I was inspired to write this article last week and jotted down the points I wanted to make.  There are days when inspiration hits you from all sides and you do your best to jot them down as they come fast and intense.  Then you have days where nothing seems to click. That day is today and I realize how much value was written in those few scribbled notes. People who are with you when we are down, hurt or in a panic are healers on so many levels.  They slow down, give you all the time in the world. They seek to…

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    5 Positive Things to Add to Your Life That Support Balance

    When you find yourself in burnout and never really disconnecting from the stress of your life, it’s a signal that something is out of balance. To get to a place of balance or a positive life rhythm, you can either remove negative triggers in your life or focus on adding positive things. Adding positive things is our focus today, because “all work and no play” can lead to personal damage. How to Find a Healthy Balance / Life Rhythm 1.     Reconnect with Your Hobbies Can you remember when the things you loved doing came first? If you have hobbies, how often are you engaging in those hobbies on your time off? Are these…